No.6, Weixi Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

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Enterprise Principle

Our Mission
We create value with the joint effort of our involved employees, partners and shareholders and share happiness and achievement together. On the occasion of China's great revival, all of our Shareate people spare no effort to create added value for customers and contribute to our society.

Our Vision
We aim to become the international manufacturer and service provider in the field of cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools by the end of 2020, making our Shareate the famous brand worldwide.

Our Strategy
With the pursuit of continuous improvement, we have the focal point of meeting customers' requirements and exceeding their expectations. We maximally provide the highest quality tungsten carbide products and consummate service to facilitate our customers to achieve the highest productivity possibly for their investment.

Our Spirit
We have our spirit of passion, harmony, dealing with concrete issues and exceeding our customers' expectation.

Our Core Value
The passion is the premise of dream;
Our common career retains, gathers and cultivates talents;
The quality of our cemented carbide products and rock drilling products is the basis of our reputation;
We regard the market as the orientation and take responsibility for the result;
We maximize the value of our enterprise and talents;
We care for our employees, focus on our highly regarded customers and contribute to our common society.

Our Working Style
We have our working style of being strict, honest and cooperative.

We are old-fashioned and young, for we trust our experience and are always willing to learn something new.
We fulfill every promise, solve every problem and pay our full attention to every detail. We focus on exceeding every expectation, rise up to every challenge and leave our mark of excellence on every single tungsten carbide and mining tool we manufacture.
As long as you cooperate with us, your productivity and efficiency are guaranteed.