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Quality Control on Raw Material

Sample Test
1. After receiving the test notice, our inspector will carry out sampling procedure on our cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. Samples will be marked conforming to the related standard of purchased products. Samples will be sent to the physical and chemical room/ factory to have chemical composition test, technological performance test and other related tests. All the tests are in accordance with the related technical standard and specific regulation of purchased products.

2. The test, referring to the raw material that does not have to be tested, the raw material that should have full test and the raw material that should be tested independently by the inspector, will be carried out on the samples and drawings according to the related standard of the purchased products. The necessary information, such as the specific items, data and illustrations, will be filled in the acceptance check report.

3. The raw material sample that failed in the acceptance check will be firstly commented by the material engineer and secondly reviewed by the manager. If necessary, the failed sample of our tungsten carbide products and rock drilling products should be thirdly confirmed by the head of the product department. The quality engineer will do the final decision, and the confirmation of the head of the quality control department is needed on occasion. The seriously failed raw material sample will be reviewed by the department manager and then handed to the general manager to have its concession approved.

Quality Control on Production Procedure
1. In the regulated process of the inspection on the first product, operator should carry out self-inspection on the changed condition caused by the staff swap, material refueling, assortment switch, changing of work clothes, adjustment of equipment, etc. in each shift. Then, the supervisor will inspect the first product afterwards and record the result on the log sheet.

2. If the first cemented carbide or mining tool is qualified in the inspection, the supervisor will notice the operator to continue the production. If the first product is disqualified, the supervisor will point out the failed position and ask the operator to correct and improve. The operator can not continue the production until the first product is qualified after reworking.

3. The operator will have self-inspection during the production procedure. If regulated, the result will be filled in the self-inspection log sheet, monitoring log sheet and other related log sheet. If abnormal phenomenon are found in the self-inspection and monitoring, the production should be paused immediately. The operator will report to the supervisor and seek measures to improve the production.

4. The technologist of the product department will have patrol inspection on all the production procedure of tungsten carbide product and drilling tool in due time. They will check if the working method is in regulated operation; if the material produced is correct; if the equipment, work clothes, measuring implement are in controlled condition; if the operation log sheet, the monitoring log sheet and the self-inspection log sheet are filled correctly and clearly in good time, etc.

The technologist will also randomly select and inspect the doubtful workstation. If there is any issue found, they will inform the charger. If necessary, they will contact and report to the factory director/vice-director/ related department/ management representative in the form of document and information sheet. Timely adjustment of production will be correspondingly made. Meanwhile, the result will be filled in the patrol inspection log sheet.

Quality Control before Delivery
1. The final inspection and test on cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools will be carried out as required. Only qualified products and products with approved concession can be stored and delivered along with their quality warranty statements.

2. We will execute the Control Program for the disqualified products when thereis any disqualified ones found in the final inspection and test.