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Development History

August, 2004
Shareate Tools was established and stationed in the Singapore Industrial Park in Suzhou City.

We acquired the title of "The Private Science and Technology Enterprise" and the affirmation of "New and High Technology Enterprise" of Jiangsu Province.

24th, January, 2006
With the government permission, our technique center became a city-level technique center. Our cemented carbide product won the honorable title of "The Famous-brand Product" in Suzhou City. Moreover, our company gained the title of "The Enterprise with Trustworthy Quality" in Jiangsu Province.

We acquired the honorable title of "The Demonstration Enterprise of First batch of Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises" in Suzhou City. Both our company and tungsten carbide products were rated as "The Qualified Company of National Standard" and "The Protected Key Quality Tracking Product". We were awarded the certificate of honor and bronze medal.

Our tungsten carbide product for rock drilling were rated as "The Famous-brand Product" and awarded the bronze medal by the Famous-brand Product Rating Committee in Suzhou City. We also successfully acquired the API Certificate.

Our technique center became a provincial level technique center.

September, 2011
We successfully pass the re-examination of "National New and High Technology Enterprise". Meanwhile, we obtained the title of "Enterprise Technique Center Affirmed by Jiangsu Province". Also, our cemented carbide product gained the honorable title of "The New and High Technology Product" in Jiangsu Province.

May, 2012
We upgraded as an incorporated company and joined the market as a provincial level enterprise. We won the title of "The Innovative Pioneer" in Suzhou City, "The Scientific and Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" and "The Private Science and Technology Enterprise" in Jiangsu Province.

Furthermore, we were awarded the certificate of "The Pilot Enterprise Integrated with Informatization and Industrialization" by the Economic and Informatization Committee in Jiangsu Province. Meanwhile, we won the Honorable Mention of Informatization Enterprise in Industrial Park.

December, 2013
We had a breakthrough of 150 million in our export of tungsten carbide products. Our overall sales revenue reached 450 million.

March, 2014
We set up a branch company in Indonesia and realized the direct export and sales of our tungsten carbide products for mining.