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Company Profile

Shareate Tools is a professional company integrating research, development and manufacturing of cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. We are the biggest R&D base of tungsten carbide insert for mining in Asia. We devotedly provide tungsten carbide products and rock drilling tools, including cemented carbide for mining, cemented carbide for cutting tools, tungsten carbide for dies, wear resistant carbide, irregular non-standard parts, tricone bit, DTH hammers, DTH hammer bits, etc.

Our high-performance tungsten carbide products have been widely applied to the oil drilling, gas drilling, water well drilling, mining, construction, tunneling, quarrying and other industries for more than 30 years.

We have equipped with full set of cemented carbide products' manufacturing facilities, including world's advanced R&D technology, numerical control machining, heat treatment furnace, etc. We are willing to customize rock breaking tools in other sizes and series according to your requirements. We research and develop under the support of provincial technique center and engineering and technological research center. Consequently, we achieve the new technology of sealed bearing, gage bevel protection, non-return valve, etc. to meet the special requirement of different well drilling and rock formations. In addition, we carry out promotion and application on cone bits with various specifications, which effectively improves our cone bits' quality and performance.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have acquired more than 20 authorized patents and more than 40 proprietary technologies, as well as the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate and the API Certificate. Our company has successively obtained the honorable title of "The Demonstration Enterprise of First batch of Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises" in Suzhou City, "The Enterprise with Trustworthy Quality" in Jiangsu Province, “The New and High Technology Enterprise" in Jiangsu Province,"The Qualified Company of National Standard", etc. Moreover, our cemented carbide products have gained the title of "The Famous-brand Product" in Jiangsu Province.

Our tungsten carbide products have been exported to a dozen of countries, such as Japan,South Korea, America, Canada,Australia, Russia, etc., and obtained preference and praise from customers around the world. Currently, the market share of our drilling bit for mining has ranked the first on the domestic market; the market share of our carbide for oil and rock drilling has reached over 60%; and our product of carbide for mining and rock drilling has realized nationwide coverage. Furthermore, we have long-term and stable business relation with Kennametal (South Korea), Kennametal (Australia), Atlas Copco (China), Japanese TIXT Company, Japanese Tuangaloy Company, Kingdream Plc. and other world famous enterprises.

With our reputation for reliability and excellence, we are determined to realize that all of our customers are guaranteed with our best cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools with reasonable price. We are committed to carry out the highest quality production, design new and innovative carbide products and mining tools, balance the products' performance with price, recruit professional and dedicated regional distributors and constantly create value for our highly regarded customers, partners, employees and shareholders.