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About Us

  • Company Profile

  • Shareate Tools is a professional company integrating research, development and manufacturing of cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. We are the biggest R&D base of tungsten carbide insert for mining in Asia. We devotedly provide tungsten carbide products and rock drilling tools, including cemented carbide for mining, cemented carbide for cutting tools, tungsten carbide for dies, wear resistant carbide, irregular non-standard parts, tricone bit, DTH hammers, DTH hammer bits, etc.

    Our high-performance tungsten carbide products have been widely applied to the oil drilling, gas drilling, water well drilling, mining, construction, tunneling, quarrying and other industries for more than 30 years.

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  • Enterprise Principle

  • Our Mission
    We create value with the joint effort of our involved employees, partners and shareholders and share happiness and achievement together. On the occasion of China's great revival, all of our Shareate people spare no effort to create added value for customers and contribute to our society.

    Our Vision
    We aim to become the international manufacturer and service provider in the field of cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools by the end of 2020, making our Shareate the famous brand worldwide.

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  • Development History

  • August, 2004
    Shareate Tools was established and stationed in the Singapore Industrial Park in Suzhou City.

    We acquired the title of "The Private Science and Technology Enterprise" and the affirmation of "New and High Technology Enterprise" of Jiangsu Province.

    24th, January, 2006
    With the government permission, our technique center became a city-level technique center. Our cemented carbide product won the honorable title of "The Famous-brand Product" in Suzhou City. Moreover, our company gained the title of "The Enterprise with Trustworthy Quality" in Jiangsu Province.

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  • Quality Control

  • Sample Test
    1. After receiving the test notice, our inspector will carry out sampling procedure on our cemented carbide products and rock drilling tools. Samples will be marked conforming to the related standard of purchased products. Samples will be sent to the physical and chemical room/ factory to have chemical composition test, technological performance test and other related tests. All the tests are in accordance with the related technical standard and specific regulation of purchased products.

    2. The test, referring to the raw material that does not have to be tested, the raw material that should have full test and the raw material that should be tested independently by the inspector, will be carried out on the samples and drawings according to the related standard of the purchased products. The necessary information, such as the specific items, data and illustrations, will be filled in the acceptance check report.

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  • Research and Development

  • We have more than 40 R&D personnel, of which 1 doctor, 8 masters and 35 bachelors. Our average annual expenditure invested in the R&D is 5 million. After years' preparation, research and development, we made breakthrough in terms of structural design, technical study, performance improvement, etc. in 2011. Consequently, we finally determined to declare more than 20 patents after several meetings related to the Intellectual Property Management in the latter half of the year 2011.

    At the same time, the pilot test of our new cemented carbide products transformed from our patent achievement was carried out comprehensively. The trial production of floating bearing of drilling bits for mining and the improvement of the drilling bits with double containments both acquired periodic success.

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  • Certificate

  • We professionally manufacture premium cemented carbide products and have acquired the API Certificate and the ISO9001:2000 Certificate.

    Certificates Related to Globally Registered Trademark
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  • Partners

  • We not only provide superior standard cemented carbide products, but also are willing to research, develop, design and manufacture the products according to your requirement. We boast rich experience in R&D, design and manufacturing in the field of tungsten carbide products and rock drilling tools.

    We are more pleased to have you to collect data with us together on site, which can make it easier for us to solve your problems and to optimize our cemented carbide and rock drilling products.

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