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Rock Drilling Tools

    1. Tricone Bits

      Tricone bits feature high drilling efficiency and low cost, and can be perfectly applied to different rock stratum ranging from soft to extremely hard. Tricone bits are widely applied to the mining of large-scale strip mine, such as open pit coal mine, iron mine, etc.

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    1. DTH Hammers

      DTH hammers or down the hole hammers feature valveless design. They can adapt to all kinds of rock stratum. This line of DTH drilling tools is a widely used selection of oil and gas drilling tools to assist in drilling of water well, geothermal well, oil and gas well, water-power engineering, etc.

    1. DTH Hammer Bits

      DTH hammer bit consists of a premium alloy steel body and carbide drill bit inserts. It is typically used in combination with down the hole hammers. Due to carbide inserts, this line of rock drill bits features high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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Our rock drilling tools include tricone bits, DTH hammers and DTH hammer bits. Due to premium quality raw material, these drilling tools feature high efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost, which can bring higher profit to our highly regarded customers. In addition to the standard products, we can also supply rock drilling tools with custom specifications. We welcome you to contact us now if you are looking for carbide drill bits or down the hole hammers.