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DTH Hammer Bits

    1. SD Series DTH Hammer Bits

      SD series DTH hammer bits are researched and developed correspondingly to the DTH hammers. This kind of carbide drill bit can be ideally applied to the rock drilling rig.

    1. SQ Series DTH Hammer Bits

      SQ series DTH hammer bits are researched and developed correspondingly to the QL hammers. This kind of tungsten carbide drill bit can be perfectly used as the rock drill bit.

    1. ST Series DTH Hammer Bits

      ST series DTH hammer bits are researched and developed correspondingly to the MISSION hammers. This kind of superior drilling tool is applicable to the mining drill bit.

The DTH hammer bit consists of a premium alloy steel body and carbide drill bit inserts. It is typically used in combination with down the hole hammers. Due to carbide inserts, this line of rock drill bits features high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can bring higher profit to our valued customers.

In addition to standard DTH drill bits, we can also supply custom made DTH hammer bits in terms of drill bit diameter, air hole quantity, carbide insert shape, hammer bit shape design, etc.

Available Styles of DTH Bits in terms of Face Design
Concave Hammer Bit

This concave DTH hammer bit is applicable to all the rock stratum. It specially has the best effect when used in the medium-hard rock stratum and the rock stratum with uniform distribution. Featuring smaller bore deviation and better slagging effect, the cone shaped drilling bit face ensures better centering effect to make straight holes.

Convex Hammer Bit

This kind of drill bit is applicable to the soft and medium hard rock stratum in the condition of the low to the medium-high wind pressure. It features fast penetration rate and corrosion resistance. The unique face design increases its body support for gauge carbide. Having two gauges, its nose row is protected by the inner gauge row from excessive wear. However, having larger bore deviation, this convex DTH hammer bit is comparatively hard to be controlled in the deep hole and water well area.

Flat Faced Hammer Bit

Being simple and robust, this flat faced drill bit is suitable for the extremely hard and strongly corrosive rock stratum in the condition of high wind pressure. In that kind of working condition, it has faster drilling speed and less corrosion. The flat DTH hammer bit is provided with more carbide to its surface contact, ensuring optimum rock fracture.

Available Types of Carbide Inserts for the DTH Hammer Bit
Ovoid Carbide Inserts

Ovoid carbide inserts allows the DTH hammer bit to be applied to the extremely hard rock stratum (>f14). Although having relatively lower penetration rate, the ovoid designed carbide drill bit has high wear resistance and can avoid the smashed bit.

Ogive Style Carbide Inserts

DTH hammer bits with this style of carbide insert can be applied for drilling standard rock stratum (f10-14). Offering faster penetration speed, the carbide drill bit also provides moderate toughness and moderate wear resistance.

Ballistic Carbide Inserts

With ballistic carbide inserts, DTH hammer bits can be applied to the soft and standard rock stratum ( < f12 ). With fast penetration rate, the carbide tipped drill bit is prone to be smashed when drilling the hard and extremely hard rock stratum.