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SQ Series DTH Hammer Bits

According to the market demand, the SQ series DTH hammer bits are researched and developed correspondingly to the QL hammers. This kind of tungsten carbide drill bit can be perfectly used as the rock drill bit.

Types and Specifications of DTH Hammer Bits
Types Diameter (mm) Number of Air Holes Number of Gage×Size (mm) Number of Front×Size (mm) Approx. Weight (Kg) Item Number
SQ4 115 2 8×φ14.5 7×φ13.0 9.0 SQ4115
SQ5 140 2 7×φ18.0 7×φ16.0 16.5 SQ5140
152 2 8×φ16.0 8×φ14.5.0 17.5 SQ5152
SQ6 152 2 8×φ16.0 8×φ14.5.0 18.0 SQ6152
165 2 10×φ16.0 10×φ16.0 24.5 SQ6165
178 2 9×φ18.0 11×φ16.0 26.5 SQ6178
SQ8 203 3 9×φ18.0 11×φ16.0 41.5 SQ8203
216 3 9×φ18.0 14×φ16.0 45.0 SQ8216
229 3 12×φ18.0 17×φ18.0 48.0 SQ8229

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