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Cemented Carbide

    1. Carbide Inserts (for Mining Tools)

      Carbide inserts are widely found in mining tools. Tungsten carbide inserts for mining tools mainly include the drill bit inserts for rock drills, carbide substrate for PDC cutters, as well as cutting tool inserts for coal and tunneling industry.

    1. Tungsten Carbide Blanks (Cutting Tool Blanks)

      Tungsten carbide blanks for cutting tools have high hardness, red hardness and excellent wear resistance. Tungsten carbide cutting tools typically offer cutting speed several times and tens times more than that of cutting tools made of high-speed steel.

    1. Tungsten Carbide Blanks (Die Blanks)

      Tungsten carbide blanks are manufactured with premium material and unique technology, including the detection technology and the accurate control technology generated online. It can avoid the crack to appear on the tungsten carbide dies in the process of online cutting and machining.

    1. Carbide Wear Parts

      Carbide wear parts have superior performance under abrasion conditions. Carbide wear parts with higher strength, wear resistance as well as better hardness and tenacity in the abrasive working condition.

The cemented carbide excellently features high hardness, wear resistance, high strength, good tenacity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Owing to its high hardness and wear resistance, the cemented carbide still has very high hardness at the temperature of 1,000℃ and can basically remain unchanged at the temperature of 500℃. As a cemented carbide products manufacturer, we can supply carbide inserts, carbide wear parts, tungsten carbide blanks, tungsten carbide welding rods, and more.

Our cemented carbide, especially the tungsten carbide, is a popular selection of material for cutting tool making. Tungsten carbide cutting tools, including the lathe tool, milling tool, planer tool, drilling tool and the boring tool, are excellent for cutting and processing materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous metal, plastic, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and common iron. They can also cut the intractable materials, such as heat resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel and chisel tool steel.