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Carbide Wear Parts

    1. Tungsten Carbide Welding Rods

      Tungsten carbide welding rod offers higher hardness and wear resistance than other types of welding supplies. Adopting the tungsten carbide as the hard phase, the tubular electrode is compatible with oxy-acetylene welding and electrogas welding methods.

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    1. Tungsten Carbide Components (Valve Components)

      Valve seat is mainly applied to the throttle valve and needle valve. Conforming to the API Standard, our tungsten carbide components for valves, including valve core, valve seat and valve plate, feature high strength, good sealing property and corrosion resistance.

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    1. Drill Bit Nozzle

      Drill Bit Inner Diameter (mm): 95.2-120.6(3 3/4-4 3/4)
      Drill Bit Outer Diameter (mm): 20.30
      Assembly Length H(mm): 17.48

Our carbide wear parts have superior performance under abrasion conditions. We insist to adopt high quality carbide material such as the tungsten carbide as the raw material, so as to provide our carbide wear parts with higher strength, wear resistance as well as better hardness and tenacity in the abrasive working condition. We are capable of designing, developing and manufacturing tungsten carbide wear parts according to customers' requirement.

Our selection of tungsten carbide wear parts include tungsten carbide electrodes for welding purpose, as well as tungsten carbide components for vales, drill bits, and powder metallurgy dies.