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Tungsten Carbide Blanks (Die Blanks)

    1. Tungsten Carbide Blanks (For Powder Metallurgy Dies)

      Tungsten carbide blanks are used for making powder metallurgy dies and die components. All of our carbide blanks have undergone the HIP process, and we can assure you that the resulted tungsten carbide dies have no holes or blisters.

This selection of tungsten carbide blanks is fabricated to produce various tungsten carbide dies. It is your perfect choice if you are looking for carbide blanks and preforms for manufacturing progressive stamping die, tungsten carbide cold heading die and tungsten carbide powder metallurgy die.

Having superior performance and stable quality, our tungsten carbide blanks serving as die blanks have obtained great attention and recognition in the die industry.

Our tungsten carbide blanks are manufactured with premium material and unique technology, including the detection technology and the accurate control technology generated online. Due to this, the inner stress of large-sized die can be effectively controlled, which can avoid the crack to appear on the tungsten carbide dies in the process of online cutting and machining.

According to different working conditions, we have elaborately researched and designed a series of designations of tungsten carbide blanks. Our customers are assured to have the optimum efficiency in their working condition.