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Tungsten Carbide Blanks (Cutting Tool Blanks)

    1. Carbide Rod

      Carbide rod features higher strength, better tenacity and wear resistance. The special additive enables the carbide blank to have higher red strength and the resistance to oxidative wear.

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    1. Tungsten Carbide Blanks (Carbide Hob Blanks)

      Tungsten carbide blanks offer a longer lifespan which is as 8-40 times as that of the high-speed steel. Moreover, our carbide hob blank can effectively increase the products' degree of finish.

Along with the development of modern manufacturing industry, the quality requirement for cutting tool blanks is increasingly higher. Nevertheless, the tungsten carbide blank has occupied the dominant position among the cutting tool material industry. Our tungsten carbide blanks for cutting tools have high hardness, red hardness and excellent wear resistance. Tungsten carbide cutting tools typically offer cutting speed several times and tens times more than that of cutting tools made of high-speed steel.

We actively take the responsibility for the development of modern manufacturing industry. We are constantly having innovative development innovation while introducing the international advanced technology.

Successfully, we have designed and developed a series of designations of tungsten carbide blanks and preforms for cutting tools to meet different machining requirements of different materials. For instance, there are tungsten carbide blanks and preforms for producing carbide lathe tools, tungsten carbide cutters, carbide saw blades, carbide milling cutters, carbide planer tools, tungsten carbide boring tools, etc. Our carbide products have excellent performance and stable quality, which have obtained wide recognition and appreciation from our customers.

As our most popular series of cutting tool blanks, our carbide rods has the solid and/or inner cooling hole with the diameters from Φ1.8 to Φ40. Our tungsten carbide rod has been widely applied to the automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry, information and communication, machinery equipment, metallurgy, construction materials, etc.

Additionally, other types of irregular shaped carbide blanks for cutting tool making also available.