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Carbide Inserts (for Mining Tools)

    1. Carbide Substrate for PDC Cutter

      Carbide substrate provides PDC cutters with longer service life as it can impede erosive damages to the cutter effectively. PDC cutters are especially popular in mining and drilling fields.

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    1. Carbide Tips (for Cutter Picks)

      Carbide tip for coal cutter picks is typically made of carbides with designations of JZ10CC and XR12CC, and has excellent breaking tenacity and heat resistance. Cutter picks with our carbide tips are applicable for both coal cutters and TBM cutters.

    1. Carbide Cutter Inserts (for Cutterhead of Tunnel Boring Machine)

      Carbide cutter inserts which are mainly applied to the cutterhead of tunnel boring machines. As a tungsten carbide inserts and tips manufacturer, our cemented carbide inserts for shield machine features high strength, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Carbide inserts are widely found in mining tools. Due to the increasing popularity of mining tools such as DTH hammer bits and button bits, there is a higher requirement for the strength, tenacity and wear resistance of carbide tool inserts.

Our tungsten carbide inserts for mining tools mainly include the drill bit inserts for rock drills, carbide substrate for PDC cutters, as well as cutting tool inserts for coal and tunneling industry. In the premise of strict control on raw material, we have optimized the structure of particles and improved the production technology of our carbide inserts. We have developed new series of carbide inserts to fulfill varied mining tool demands, including XR062, XR05, JZ08X, etc., which have more stable performance than the conventional ones. The XR05 has the best comprehensive performance and is suitable for drilling 70% of the rock stratum (f10-16).